Sports Massage UK

Why Choose Sport Massage

Sports massage can be useful for just about anyone and brings a number of health benefits as it uses a mix of different massage techniques. 

Massage cane be used in the rehabilitation of injuries as well as for general maintenance and has been shown to be helpful for some people as part of pre event preparation. 

Some of the ways in which massage helps are: 

- Improved circulation

- Improved lymph drainage 

- Reduced swelling 

- Reduced discomfort, tightness or pain in muscle 

- Increased range of motion 

- Quicker rate of recovery post exercise 

- Improves sleep quality

- Reduces anxiety and depression 

Generally sports massage starts with light massage and builds up in to deep tissue techniques. It can leave muscles feeling sore or achy after.

While sports massage is unlikely to cause harm there are conditions which could mean that it is not appropriate so it is always wise to speak to a doctor or GP before booking an appointment if you have any pre existing medical conditions.